Increasing your credit limit can boost your credit score

Making on-time payments on all of your debts and maintaining low balances on your credit cards are two proven paths to a good credit score. There's one more step you can take to improve your credit score quickly: Increasing your credit limit can boost your credit score. When you ask your existing creditors to increase [...]

Is a zero balance credit utilization good for my credit score?

Credit utilization refers to how much of your credit line(s) is in use; it's also called your debt-to-limit ratio. If your cumulative limit across your three credit cards is $10,000 and you carry a cumulative balance of $1,500, then your credit utilization is 15 percent. (Less than 30 percent is recommended.) Is it better to [...]

Why is December the best month for credit restoration?

You know how busy the stores are this time of year. Imagine all of the millions of additional requests for credit, charges to accounts, and payment history the credit bureaus must update for everyone using credit during the holidays. All of that traffic makes December the best month to use Scorwell's credit restoration services. Since credit [...]

Why Should You Check Your Credit Report?

Would you go for months without checking your bank account balance? Would you ignore reviewing your monthly credit card statement under the assumption that all the charges on it were valid? If you’re like most people, you wouldn’t, and the same thinking applies should apply to your credit history. Why should you check your credit [...]

How Your Personal Credit Score Affects a Business Loan Application

When you start a business, you put your personal life under the microscope. Nowhere is the microscope effect truer than in your financial life. Do you know how your personal credit score affects a business loan application? When you launch a company, it has no existing credit score. To determine whether or not you're worthy [...]