Building a positive credit history—whether you’re just starting out or you’re repairing your credit—takes time and dedication. Before a prospective lender would consider you for a loan on a big purchase like a car or house, your credit history must show good credit management. That means that (1) you actually use credit, and (2) you pay your installments and/or monthly minimums on time.

Many people think that maintaining a zero balance is the way to go: keep the credit card for emergencies, but never use it unless a true emergency arises. While it’s true that you don’t want to accumulate debt that you can’t pay off in a reasonable amount of time, you should, however, have some activity on your credit card every month. That activity creates a credit history, which banks need to see in order to evaluate your loan application. No activity = no history = probably no loan granted.

Using your credit card for a small purchase each month will help you build a positive credit history. A $5 snack or $10 in gas will do the trick. Pay off the balance as soon as you receive the bill.

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