Why is December the best month for credit restoration?

You know how busy the stores are this time of year. Imagine all of the millions of additional requests for credit, charges to accounts, and payment history the credit bureaus must update for everyone using credit during the holidays. All of that traffic makes December the best month to use Scorwell’s credit restoration services. Since credit bureaus are less likely to question inquiries in this busy season, you move more quickly down the road to complete credit repair.

woman online shopping needs credit restoration

Credit has become one of the most important aspects of our life.  It is used to screen you for apartments and rental homes. It is used to determine eligibility for certain types of insurance: auto, medical, and life. It is also used to determine your eligibility to obtain loans for a mortgage, car, or business. More and more aspects of our life are being controlled by what information is being reflected on our credit report

Scorewell is committed to helping their clients receive the highest score possible and a credit report that is free from inaccurate, obsolete or unverifiable information. Now that you know December is the best time for credit restoration, let’s get started!

Consider Scorewell as your personal concierge in full credit repair and your coach on credit education. Our team’s expertise and electronic disputing technology have successfully removed every form of negative credit including bankruptcies, tax liens, judgments, foreclosures, and repossessions. Contact us for a free consultation.

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